Gifts Anyone Can Make

Did you know there are ways to support your favorite charities that don't affect your current lifestyle or your family's security?

Planned gifts are thoughtful and intentional charitable gifts that make an impact now and in the future. Each donor has unique philanthropic goals and objectives. Drawing on experience and creativity, you can design a planned giving solution that addresses your specific needs — both charitable and financial.

You can support causes you are passionate about with gifts that don't impact the way you live by either designating your favorite charity to receive estate assets in the future or by making immediate gifts of assets that are "out of sight and out of mind."

The Benefits

Popular Giving Arrangements

Gifts from Your Will or Trust
Need to preserve your assets during your lifetime? You can plan a gift to us that will only take effect after your other obligations are fulfilled.

Gifts from a Retirement Plan
Give assets subject to double taxation, and leave more to your family. Learn more about Gifts from a Retirement Plan.

Gifts of Stock and Appreciated Assets
Take advantage of appreciated securities without incurring capital gains tax. Learn More about Gifts of Stock and Appreciated Securities.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Make a significant gift to your favorite Valley charity even without a large estate. Here's how you can leverage your dollars for a larger gift. Learn more about Gifts of Life Insurance.

Gifts of Real Estate
Donate a valuable asset in exchange for powerful tax benefits and a possible income stream for you and/or your loved ones. Learn more about Gifts of Real Estate.

Gifts of Personal Property
Give personal property that enhances our mission and provide tax benefits to you. Learn more about Gifts of Personal Property.

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