About this Initiative

The Valley Gives Back® is a community-wide planned giving initiative to promote a unified message on the importance of giving back locally to benefit the Valley community both now and in the future.

The community spirit in the Valley is one of the attributes that makes it a special and unique place to live and work. Nestled between three of Connecticut's major cities, Valley people have learned the importance of taking care of their own and building a quality of life that attracts families to stay for generations. The Valley Gives Back® initiative started with this recognition – people from the Valley love the community they call home and can make a huge difference for local nonprofits for the generations to come if they were just asked.

Our Valley has many nonprofits that provide important programs and services to the people of Ansonia, Derby, Oxford, Seymour, and Shelton. Many nonprofits are challenged to allocate financial resources to developing and marketing a planned giving program. That is why this initiative is a unified message from all the nonprofits in our region to please consider giving back to causes you care about here in the Valley. Whether it's senior services, education, a volunteer fire and ambulance corps, or something to do with our land or rivers, they all need your help. 

The objective of the Valley Gives Back® is not only to remind people to think about giving back locally, it's also to help inform people of simple ways they can give back once they are no longer here and in need of their assets. The tools offered through the Valley Gives Back® website will help inform people how they can make a commitment during their lifetime without jeopardizing their nest egg. 

This initiative is to encourage people to consider leaving a charitable gift to causes they care about here in the Valley. It's not a message to give everything to charity; it's a message to consider giving something that will help the Valley thrive now and in the future.

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