Giving through a Community Foundation

Giving to an Established Fund

Valley Community Foundation (VCF) has over 160 funds that have been established by individual donors, as well as nonprofit organizations. You may find an easy solution for your charitable goals by reviewing the list of already established funds at VCF and contributing to that fund as long as the purposes of the fund(s) match up to your charitable intent.

There are endowment funds designated for many of the Valley nonprofits, our libraries, and scholarships for our schools. There are funds that have been established to meet the changing needs of the Valley, as well as funds for specific interest area such as breast and prostate cancer, youth leadership, and basic needs. You can contribute to any established funds as long as the purpose of your gift does not conflict with its stated purpose. In other words, you could contribute to one of the nonprofit’s endowment funds but, if you wanted your gift to be for one specific program of that nonprofit, you would need to establish your own fund to benefit that program. For a complete listing of the funds at VCF and their purposes visit or call (203)751-9162.

Here is sample language for your will or trust if you choose to give through VCF

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